WI Meeting: American Legion Greendale Post 416 | 6351 W. Grange Ave. | Greendale, WI 53129
Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Speaker: Mike Arrowood
Topic: Walleyes For Tommorrow

Mike Arrowood, Executive Director of WFT will talk about how this
501(c)(3) helps improve Wisconsin walleye and sauger fishing. WFT is a project-oriented organization with the goal of increasing the population of walleye in the waters where habitat projects are undertaken. The mission of WFT shall be to work with other clubs, agencies, and the DNR to improve the quality of walleye and sauger fishing.

Among the many methods used by WFT are portable hatcheries, spawning protection, water quality and habitat improvement. Walleyes For Tomorrow will help provide the needed resources to achieve the above through fund-raising efforts and by recruiting volunteer labor where possible.

Walleyes For Tomorrow and other volunteer organizations such as fishing clubs, municipal, state or federal governments (including state and federal fishery bureaus such as the DNR and others) may carry out projects. WFT is one of a select few Affiliate Members of Walleyes Unlimited USA.

Illinois Meeting: Gurnee American Legion | 749 Milwaukee Ave. | Gurnee, IL 60031
Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Speaker: Eric Hataaja
Topic: Fishing The Menominee River

Here is a speaker that needs little introduction. Eric Haataja (hot-tee-a) owns and operates Big Fish Guide Service in Southeastern WI. One of the best Wisconsin fishing guides and Wisconsin fishing Charter Captains in the Midwest, Eric is a true multi-specie fishing guide so he is on hot fish throughout the entire year.
Eric has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments that indicate is he is more than just show. Eric is an accomplished tournament  Bass, Salmon, Musky and Walleye competitor a Great Lakes Charter Captain and a World Record Line Class holder (steelhead.)

ric fishes for everything from monster king salmon to big bluegills through the ice so to say he is multi-specie is an understatement. Eric plans to speak about what he does on the Menominee River throughout the year and when is the best time to be on the river.

He has been featured on shows such as:
- ESPN "World's Greatest Fishing Show" with Mark Zona
- "City Limits" with Mike Iconilli
- "No Excuses Outdoors"
- Babe Winkleman's Good Fishing numerous times
- In-Fisherman Television & Magazine numerous times
- North American Fisherman Television
- In-depth Outdoors Television numerous times
- Midwest Outdoors Television & Magazine
- Outdoor Wisconsin Television numerous times

This should be quite a treat to get the local hot bite information from someone who has their pulse on the current action. If you have not been to Eric's site do yourself a favor and visit his site wibigfish.com. Mark your calendars now and if you are on vacation, be sure to order the DVD of his presentation!

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